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Live Games

GameGame HostnameInternal HostPortStatusPIDLast DB Save (UTC)
Adventurers Not Wantedadventurers.silvertree.ioPrimary1217-----File does not exist.
Coral Springscoralsprings.silvertree.ioPrimary1510-----File does not exist.
Fireflyfirefly.silvertree.ioPrimary2517-----File does not exist.
Hermworldherm-worldmush.silvertree.ioPrimary3337-----File does not exist.
Marsilikosmarsilikos.silvertree.ioPrimary1310-----File does not exist.

Testing, Inactive, or In Development Games

These games are not listed on the external monitor.

GameGame HostnameInternal HostPortStatusPIDLast DB Save (UTC)
10 Ravine (Dev)arcadia.silvertree.ioPrimary1338-----File does not exist.
Legion World (Dev)legionworld.silvertree.ioPrimary3020-----File does not exist.
Outremer (Inactive)outremer.silvertree.ioPrimary1421-----File does not exist.
Test MUSHInternal OnlyPrimary9999-----File does not exist.

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